Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Few Notes About My First Story *Petticoat Memories*

I've been meaning to publish this story since the middle summer, but life has a funny way of constantly moving on.  The thing which kept me from publishing it was that I knew it needed a little editing, but never suspected all the work involved in that process.  Finally, a few days ago, I went through the story one last time, fixed what I thought needed fixing, today decided to publish it.  I guess no work ever feels complete, but I'm fairly happy with this first attempt at writing.

I've pieced these experiences together with the help of some of my submissives.  I wanted the story to have a genuine feel to it, from the male perspective, and I wanted the story to have a bit of heart.  I guess that's my reflection in the story.  Pure cruelty only goes so far in a story.  We're all humans with a need for a range of emotional experiences, not just leather, dungeons, and whipping.

I hope you enjoy this first story on this blog.  I have more that I'm working on, that I hope to publish soon.


  1. This is a wonderful story, my BF and I have really enjoyed reading it. The attention to detail is incredible and its clear you have spent a great deal of time working on it. I hope to read some more.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I can't tell you how excited I was to find out that someone actually read my story!

    There are more to come. I have been writing a few others, but I haven't had time to edit them yet. I plan on doing that very soon.

    I'm also trying to add some illustrations to the stories.