Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 4: Penance

I soon realized that no one was coming to rescue me from this place. Usually I could wait it out when I thought something was stupid, and people usually gave up, but now I was extremely hungry and I couldn’t fight it anymore. I was perturbed that she was having an impact on me with her little tactic, and for now she was now winning the game. As if further tease me, Miss Samantha made up delicious lasagna that morning and the smell was driving me wild.

“That smells really good ma’am.”

“Oh, how polite! I see you’re ready to start learning. Let’s start our lessons, and if you’re a good boy, you can have some for lunch.”

“I would really like some now, it smells good. I’m really hungry.”

“Should you tell me or ask me?”

“’I’m sorry…”

“Oh, and you’re apologizing…”

I felt a flash of anger, but continued, “Um, Can I have…”

“Keep the apology, and it’s ‘May I’”

“I’m sorry Miss Samantha, May I have some lasagna?”

“Excellent. Before you can have any lasagna, I want you to clean your room and take a bath. Then we’re going to review your lessons on behavior. If you’re good, I’ll let you have some of my delicious lasagna.”

I almost protested, but caught myself. Reluctantly, I turned around and did as asked, and after a few hours came down for my lesson. The lessons seemed to stretch on for a long time. She had me enter the room, ask to sit down, call her ma’am, and I learned all of the things she expected of me. I complied with her requests, smelling that yummy food baking in the next room, knowing that was my ultimate goal.

After repeating the same things again and again, it was time for my meal. It was delicious, and I was starving. I began to wolf it down, but Miss Samantha corrected me.

“Take smaller bites. Hold your knife and fork like this. You need to learn to eat politely too. I want you to take one bite now, chew it completely, and don’t take the next one until I tell you.”

It was hard to do, but I complied. When I asked for more, she replied with, “Let’s see how your behavior is for the rest of the day.”

At that point, I lost it. She couldn’t keep me from eating. I got up and yelled and let all my feelings out. When I was done, I saw her looking at me sternly.

“I see you haven’t learned anything at all today. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.”

She grabbed my arm and led me to my bedroom. It was only two o’clock, and I had to go to bed again? She shoved me in the room and closed the door.

Still hungry, I kicked a few things and beat my pillows. When my anger subsided, I realized that I had nothing to do and I was stuck in this boring room. I couldn’t just sit there, so I got up and explored. Once again, my mind turned to the panties in the drawer. I listened for Miss Samantha, and quietly, I pulled open the drawer. I pulled out the white pair of panties I had touched the other night, but then kept exploring and found a yellow pair with bows, a pink pair that was all frills, and many other strange, luxurious mysteries.

As I examined them, I wondered about how girls wore them. I don’t know why, but I was curious. I knew I shouldn’t, but I was bored. With my heart beating, I removed my pants and put my legs in the dainty panties and pulled them up. As they slid up my body, there was a shiver of softness from the silk. My body came to life, and I was confused, but it felt so good. I looked at myself in the mirror, and touched the soft bows and lace with my finger. I imagined that this is how a girl looked.

I was mesmerized by the image, but I knew I would have heard Miss Samantha’s heels on the floor if she was approaching. The next thing I knew, however, was that the door flung open, and Miss Samantha was there looking at me accusingly. I scrambled to cover myself with a sheet, but it was obvious I was caught. The panty drawer was open, and there were panties scattered about.

“So that’s what you’ve been doing up here!”

“No Miss Samantha, I was just bored and I….”

She pulled back the sheet, “And look, you’re wearing panties too?”

“I wasn’t...I mean…”

Her gaze froze me in my lies, and I was lost for words.

“Well all along your problem was that you liked wearing panties. I never would have guessed. We’ll have to tell your mother about this. I’m going to call her right now.”

“No, I was just…I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry.”

I started taking the panties off.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll put them back in the drawer.”

“You’ll do no such thing. You’re keeping those panties on for tonight and all of tomorrow to teach you a lesson.”

Now my embarrassment turned to a quick anger.

“But I’m a boy, boys don’t wear panties!”

“Well apparently you do.”

“I…I was just…”

“Put those panties on right now or you’re going to be in even more trouble.”


And with that, she firmly pulled the panties up my legs again. I tried pulling them down, and she kept pulling them up. They were going to stay there if she had anything to say about it.

“Keep fighting me, and I’ll put you in a nightie too.”

I didn’t care about her threat and finally was able to take them off and throw them. With that, Miss Samantha went to the wardrobe, and picked out a fluffy satin and chiffon nightie and laid it on the bed. Calmly, she retrieved the panties and ordered me to put them on.

“No!” I said. I was going to fight this battle to the bitter end.

She grabbed me, and I tried struggling and kicking, but she was strong and used her weight to hold me down. She pinned me down on the bed, and soon I felt the panties sliding back up my waist. I felt a shiver of mortification, because I knew couldn’t fight it. It was really happening. Still holding me tightly so I couldn’t get away, she grabbed the babydoll nightie and by sheer will, slid it over my head. I struggled and fought, but the battle was soon lost. Miss Samantha grabbed my wrists and brought me before the mirror.

“You’re going to wear this all night tonight young man! Do you understand?”

I wanted to cry and started to kick and bite and yell. As a result of that bad behavior, Miss Samantha lifted up my nightie, took down my panties, bent me over the bed, and gave me the most severe, long spanking I have ever received in my life. I was crying my eyes out. It wasn’t completely about the pain initially, rather it was the fact that she was stating her will, and I was helpless to do anything about it. All the emotions from that week came out of me in that instant. I let go in a torrent of confusion and anger.

“Are you going to wear your panties tonight, like I said?”

“No, you stupid bitch!”

She would steadily spank me, while saying things like, “You’re going to wear these panties whether you like it or not.”

After a few, steady spankings, my ass hurt and my will was completely gone. I couldn’t take another swat.

”Are you going to wear the panties tonight like I asked?” she asked for the fifth time.

“Yes,” I finally mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Yes, Miss Samantha.”

“You’re going to do what?”

“Wear the panties,” tears dripped down my face.

“Are you going to thank me?”

I was shocked. Thank her? But I couldn’t fight anymore. I was compliant to anything she said now. That thought released a feeling in my brain.

“Thank you…” I said.

“For what?”

“For letting me wear the pretty panties…” I didn’t say it too enthusiastically.

She laughed, “I meant for teaching you good behavior.”

“Oh,” I said embarrassed.

“Okay, now I want you to go to bed.”

She must have anticipated that I was going to take the clothes off as soon as she left, because she put her arm around me and waited for me to go to sleep. She had won. I spent the night in panties like a girl.

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