Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 11: Brittany’s Baby

With all the soda I drank, I really had to go to the bathroom that night, but I held it. I fell asleep, and the next morning, I was greeted with a mad urge to go. Brittany and her friends got up and made cereal and watched TV. They didn’t seem interested in me as they ate their cereal and watched cartoons, but afterward came over to inspect me, as if I were some sort of experiment they had forgotten about.

Since they were bored with TV, they wanted to play with the baby.

“I wish we could feed him a bottle.”

“My mom has some upstairs for my baby brother, I’ll go get it! What should we feed him?”



Brittany ran upstairs and got a bottle for me. The girls took the socks from my mouth and forced the nipple in my mouth.

“Drink up little baby. If you don’t, I’m telling Aunt Samantha you were bad, baby.”

Besides this threat, my mouth was parched having her socks in my mouth all night. I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked.

“Oh my god, he’s doing it!” exclaimed one of the girls.

“Let me try!”

They all took turns feeding me, and my bladder was ready to explode. I didn’t let them know that though.

“Let’s put some baby clothes on him!”

“My mom has a whole bunch back in this room. I bet there’s a bonnet that would fit him.”

“Can we find some booties for him too?”

As the girls disappeared in the other room searching for more ways to baby me, my struggling bowels finally couldn’t hold it anymore. They gave way. All that liquid had loosened up everything I had inside, and I felt everything filling my diaper all at once. It was extremely embarrassing, but the relief felt wonderful. Just as the girls came back, they got a funny look on their faces.

“What’s that smell?”

“Do you have a dog?”

“Eeew, I think it’s him.”

One girl got closer and sniffed.

“Gross, it is him.”

“I told you he went in his diapers. Why do you think he wears them?”

They didn’t seem to know what to do with me, when all of a sudden Brittany’s mom called down.

“Sandy, Priiscilla, Chris, your rides are here!”

The girls looked nervous, and quickly untied me. Just as I was getting up, I saw her mom’s feet descending the stairs.

“Girls, come on, your mothers are here.”

“Okay Mrs. Summers,” they said innocently.

“What’s that smell?” she crinkled her nose, “Something down here stinks.”

“We don’t know, we smell it too.”

“Come on Chris,” she put her hand on me, “Your aunt is upstairs.”

As she was walking me upstairs I saw her sniff the air behind me. Miss Samantha met us at the top of the stairs, and I heard the two women whispering.

“You can take him in the baby’s room.”

Miss Samantha whisked me by the hand toward the baby’s room and looked at me accusingly.

“Did you go in your diapers last night?”

“It wasn’t my fault. Brittany made me.”

“Again with the blaming. How is she going to make you go in a diaper?”

She pulled down my diaper and looked astonished.

“Look at this mess!”

“It wasn’t my fault!”

Before I knew it, she had placed a towel on the floor and was cleaning me up with a wet wipe. Brittany and her friends had found their way upstairs and were peeking in the door.

“Brittany, quit being so nosey and make yourself useful. Go ask your mom to get me the bag with his diapers I brought over last night, and get me a bag or something that I can put this dirty diaper in. It really stinks.”

Brittany left, but the girls stayed there and watched. Miss Samantha cleaned me up, powdered me with talcum, and put a fresh diaper on me. I cried the whole time knowing the girls were watching. I was then treated to a sound spanking and forced to apologize for going in my diapers. I wasn’t allowed to wear my nightgown or dress, and was brought before the girls. I had to tell each girl that I was sorry for ruining their party.

Brittany told Miss Samantha, “Don’t worry, he can make it up to me somehow.”

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