Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 31: The Long Walk Home

We made the long, shameful walk home. We had lost our glow, and I think people could tell. I didn’t walk with confidence; I walked like I had been through an exhausting experience. I had a lot to process, but Brittany kept trying to talk.

“I don’t want to bring up bad memories, but was there anything you liked about it at all?”

“No! It was horrible. I can’t believe you did this to me.”

“Did this to you? I didn’t do anything to you.”

“So you dressed me up and brought me down there for nothing?”

“I thought you would want to be with me, and experience what it was like to be a real girl and get dressed up instead of being so Little-Miss-Perfect so much. I didn’t think you were going to be giving blow jobs in the locker room.”

“Quit saying that!”

“Well you need to quit being so uptight,” she poked me on my side making me giggle, “Come on, you can tell me…did you like it at all?”


“Come on, you can be honest with me.”

“That was the worst thing that’s ever been done in my entire life.”

“That’s what all girls say at first, but then they can’t get that taste for cock out of their mouth.”

“Eww Brittany, you’re going to make me puke.”

“I’ll admit it. I get the taste all the time. I love a good cock in my mouth, that’s why I keep Jake around. He’s good for that – not much else – but that’s a good thing.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Pretty strong words coming from you, you little slut,” she said mockingly, “I bet you’ll get the taste sooner or later,” she grabbed my shoulder and gave a squeeze, “My little girl’s becoming a woman.”

I felt silly, but I was enjoying my moment with my friend. I guess we were best girlfriends. I’m glad she had taken my mind off of my problems. I held her hand and she looked down at it and smiled.

As that problem was ebbing away, a new one met us as we walked back to her house.

“Damn it!”


“That’s my mom’s car.”

“We can’t go in looking like this.”

“Okay, let me think. We can’t climb up to my window in this…We’ll have to sneak around through the basement.”

We went around back and quietly opened the door only to hear, “Brittany is that you?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Come here for a second.”

“In a second Mom,” and to me she whispered, “Damn it, there are no clothes down here.”

He mom’s face looked down the stairs directly at us.

“No, right now.”

“Okay, in a second.”

“Brittany Marie, right now, and bring your little friend with you.”

We slowly trudged up the stairs to meet our fate. Standing in the kitchen were her mom, my mom, and Miss Samantha.

“Just where have you two girls been?”

“We just went for a walk to the park.”

“Dressed like that?”

“We were just playing dress up…”

“Young lady, you’re not fooling anybody. Look at you. You look like a couple of whores, and Audrey, I’m surprised at you too.”

They looked me over. My makeup was garish and smudged. I had cum in my hair and on the front of my dress, and probably smelt of sex. My stockings were ripped at the knees.

“Just what have you girls been up to?”

“Nothing mom.”

“You tell me the truth or Audrey’s going home right now!”

“Okay, we snuck out to meet a couple of boys.”

“Dressed like that?”

My mom gasped, “Audrey!?”

“Mom, don’t be such a prude,” Brittany casually explained, “All the girls dress like this.”

“Not in my house.”

“Mom,” she started to get a little upset, “No guy is going to look at me if I’m dressed like a nun.”

“Well the right ones will. All you’ll attract with those clothes is the wrong sort of attention.”

“Mom, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“You’re in my house, you’ll live by my rules. When you move out, you can dress any way you like.”

“Fine. I can’t wait to get out of here!” she stomped off to her room.

“And take those dresses off and give them to me. They’re going right into the dumpster.”

We took showers and put on our nice dresses. I was happy to be a nice girl again, but Brittany was smoldering.

“Stupid Mom, I hate her!”

I knew tonight was going to be my release night, so I didn’t want to anger her more. I just agreed with her.

Brittany was grounded because she snuck out dressed the way she was, but she was allowed to come over to her aunt’s for my last night in town. I was happy for that, and couldn’t wait for dinner to be over, so I could hear the words, “Okay your two go run off and play.”

“But no funny business, we’ve got our eyes on you!” her mother called after us.

“They’ll be fine,” Miss Samantha assured her sister, “Audrey’s harmless. You know…”

“Okay…I guess you’re right. You girls have fun.”

We went to my room and lay on the bed. We talked about makeup and I played with her hair just like old times, and then we kissed a little like we used to. I don’t know why she was kissing me again, but it felt nice and I didn’t question it. She felt so soft next to me, and her hand caressed me so caringly. After a few minutes kissing, she looked me in the eyes and told me her newest idea.

“I have a surprise for you. Want to see it?”

I was excited.

“Of course!”

From out of her purse, she pulled a red dildo.

“What’s that?”

“You know what it is.”

“I mean, why did you bring it?”

“I wanted you to practice.”

“No way. You’ve gotten me in enough trouble today. And besides, I told you I don’t like that.”

“You want your release, right?


“This is your chance right here, if you don’t play along, it’s going to be a long six weeks before you see me again. So it’s up to you. Do you want to please me or not?”

Resigned I pouted, “What do I have to do?”

“This is my dildo,” she lovingly stroked it up and down with her two fingers, “I‘ve had it for about year now. I use it to – you know – practice.”

“What do you want me to do with it?”

“I want to see you practice, just like I do, just like a girl would.”

“No way. Today was horrible. I don’t want to think about that ever again – ever!”

“Relax, I don’t want you to do that with guys, I want you to do it with me.”

That seemed a little better.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to pretend like you’re lying in bed. Go ahead, lie back. Now I want you to start kissing it,” she held it over my face. It just hovered there, bright red and stiff.


“Go ahead, kiss it. Just one little kiss.”

For her I tried it. It seemed weird and very wrong, but I gave it one little kiss.

“Now lick it just a little bit on the tip. Let your tongue go around it in circles. Now lick it up and down the shaft. Now here, take it in your hand and rub it on your face. Feel it hard against your face. Trail it down your chest and rub it on your nipples. Go ahead, stick it under your bra and twirl it around. Now bring it back up to your face and start sucking it, hold it in there, see how deep you can go. That’s yours now. I want you to practice that every night.”


“Quit complaining, now come over here and get on your knees,” I got down before her, “Lift up my dress.”

I gladly complied and to my surprise, she was wearing a dildo beneath her dress attached by some sort of harness.

“You know what to do. Get started.”

I looked up at her questioningly and followed each one of her instructions. She, then, lay back on the bed and showed me how to lick it that way. Up and down.

There was a slit that allowed me to lick her pussy and she was as hot as ever, pulling my head into her pussy. When she was done, it was my turn. She unlocked me and had me suck her strapon in my satin panties. I didn’t like what she was doing, but I was helpless to fight my primal urge to cum. She jammed it in there and kept saying things like, “Suck it slut!”

After six weeks, I couldn’t help myself. I was rubbing myself in the panties and sucking on her red dildo. To my shame, I felt the most delightful release in that moment. As I gathered my senses in the aftermath of my passion, I felt bad - not only about tonight, but the events earlier that day. My head had cleared and I thought about what I had done. The craziness of the hormones had passed, and I felt like a normal person again – a person who didn’t want to do those things. As I lay there thinking, I felt her hands reattaching my chastity tube. Click.

“We’ll have to do this again when you come back in the fall. Don’t forget to practice each night. I’ll be checking on you.”

“What was happening to my life?” I thought, “Where did I lose control?”

I thought about this long and hard on the drive home, with my new red dildo in my purse, which I held conspicuously close to me, afraid my mom would see.

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