Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 32: The High School Years

High school was the worst time. Everyone’s hormones were going wild, including mine. Whether parents knew it or not, every event after school was somehow geared toward kids having sex or experimenting with relationships. That made me very hesitant to attend any party or get drunk, like most of the other kids were doing. People sort of thought I was a loser, because I shunned a lot of the social gatherings or was very hesitant at the ones I did attend. It’s not that I didn’t want to be around my peers, it’s just that I could think of a lot better things to do with my time than fighting off drunken 15 year olds trying to get a blow job from me, or listening to their bullshit all night long.

After a while, most people really stopped paying attention whether I went out or not, which was fine with me. I just tried to blend in, and I did a good job of that. So many kids at my school were so caught up in themselves, trying to be popular, that they didn’t really have time to worry about what I was doing. I had a reputation as a good girl, who rarely went out, and people just accepted that now. They just stopped asking if I was going to the latest party.

Although they didn’t pay too much attention to me, they were still curious as to why I was so good. I was definitely modest. I didn’t date, didn’t have sex, didn’t want to undress at the pool, and didn’t have to take gym like everyone else.

There was a rumor that went around for a while saying that I gave five boys blow jobs in the locker room when I was in middle school, but no one really believed it. It just seemed like something so far-fetched considering my personality. Luckily, no one dug any further than that. If only they knew that every day I was giving blow jobs to Brittany every day, their heads would have exploded.

Brittany and I saw each other mainly after school now. We continued on playing her little game. She was the social butterfly and flirt at school, and I was a nobody, but in the safety of her room, our facades were dropped and she wore a strapon and I was her sissy slave. She loved using her strapon on me, and started experimenting using it on my ass. I didn’t like or want that at all, but she kept me in chastity for up to two months at a time now, and I was willing to do anything she said. I did not think with a rational mind when it came to pleasing Brittany, and I always gave into her will now so I could earn my release.

The four years of high school went by quickly. I used a lot of my time to study, so people thought I was a nerd. While they were out drinking and having sex, I was completing homework assignments and polishing my nails. People could not fathom the reason why, and that’s why Brittany drug me along to events every now and then. I really didn’t like it, nor did I get along with her friends, but I did it to please her. She seemed to always get me in sticky situations with drunken boys who were only out for one thing. It made me mad, because she knew how my whole life could come unraveled with just one well-placed grope.

The boys Brittany hung around definitely liked to grope. Knowing this, I often kept to safe areas near a lot of people, but one time at the lake, when everyone else had snuck off to their own private quarters, I was left alone with the last boy. He glared at me with a lustful longing, and in his drunken state would not accept my pleas to stop. I had to finally use my sucking skills to get out of him lifting up my dress and discovering my secrets. He bragged for days after that, about getting some from Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes, and I was mad at Brittany for weeks afterward.

As much as people liked Brittany, they couldn’t see why she hung around me so much. She was popular and I wasn’t. Things almost came to a head one time at one of her parties. Brittany and I got caught kissing in the bathroom at a party when she failed to lock the door. Her friend just stood there staring in disbelief. I looked guilty, but Brittany just played it off as tutoring me on how to kiss a man. Since she was so popular, and she slept with a lot of boys, no one really talked too badly about her regarding that incident. In fact, I think it made people more curious about her, and helped to increase her reputation. I think people had their suspicions about me after that night though. It all seemed to make sense why I didn’t date boys. If that’s what they thought, it was fine with me, if that meant they’d leave me alone - which a lot of people did. I’d rather they thought I was a lesbian, than have to suck dick to prove otherwise.

Since I really couldn’t hang around Brittany and her friends socially, I had to find my own friends. I had two girlfriends who I hung out with for the most part. They didn’t care about the rumors or they type of girls who spread them. My best friend was an Indian girl named Sitha. Her parents were very strict, and she wasn’t allowed to do very much outside of family situations, which made her a good match for me. She had beautiful dark hair and almond eyes that made you just want to melt into them.

The other girl was a girl I knew from my advanced math class. I ended up bringing her into our group because she had a deeply wry sense of humor about the world that most people our age could not understand. Her name was Mary and she was super smart, but she didn’t care about her hair, complexion or clothes. I tried to help her with this a few times, but she was not interested in facial scrubs and nail polish. She was really fun to be around though, and I was saddened at times that most people judged her by her looks and didn’t go any deeper than that, because there was so much that was beneath the surface with this girl.

The three of us did a lot of things with “just us girls,” like going to the movies or making brownies and having pajama parties at Sitha’s house. Her parents were warm and welcoming, and although we were considered dorks because we were laughing in our jammies and eating brownies, I was more than happy with our situation. They were my best friends.

One night when I was at Sitha’s house, it was just the two of us. Mary had a science experiment she wanted to complete, so we were watching a really bad movie and laying on the couch. To my surprise Sitha looked at a scene in the movie and suggested that we could practice kissing – on each other! I was shocked, but happy to oblige, and was delighted to be kissing this shy, sweet girl. I’ll always remember when she pulled her hair behind her ear and looked up at me shyly. We kissed softly for a while and it felt good. There were a few more incidents like that over the next few months, but I didn’t want it to progress past that point anyway for fear of her reaching up my dress in the heat of passion. I think she felt a little embarrassed each time it happened, especially given her upbringing, and it never went any further than that, although she would often give me glances that made me think she would be willing to go as far as I would take it.

Of course I still spent a lot my leisure time with Miss Samantha too. She had finished with her lessons a long time ago, so we were more just like friends. I even had to keep her up on fashion trends sometimes now! I was obedient and polite with her, and had long gotten used to dutifully fulfilling my chores and being the good girl that she trained me to be. Instead of all the painful lessons, like the ones I experienced in prior years, she liked to take me to different cultural events and expand my horizons. I think she wanted to round me out with the last days we would be spending together. Those were really her last lessons, and I kind of felt sad knowing that our time was coming to a close.

Graduation came fast. The graduation ceremony was the trickiest thing to deal with because my father wanted to attend. I obviously couldn’t walk across the stage as a boy in front of my classmates, and I couldn’t show up as a girl with my father present. My mom had devised a plan to get him to the ceremony late, and my father missed the part where so we were to meet up before and take pictures. Miss Samantha dressed me up and did my hair in curls. I think I looked pretty, and I was surprised at the look she gave me when I put my robe on, like I was her own daughter. It really held a place in my heart.

I went to the ceremony and walked across the stage and accepted my diploma as Audrey Manning. Afterward, Miss Samantha rushed me back to the house to change into Chris for my party. My father, frustrated with my mother’s stalling, finally met us at Miss Samantha’s house. He was happy to finally see his boy in his gown, but he kept commenting how he didn’t see me at the ceremony.

“Honey, I saw him,” said my mom, “You just need to look next time.”

“You couldn’t have missed him in his suit and tie. He looked so handsome,” added Miss Samantha.

“All I saw was some girl named Angie Manning, or something like that.”

“Oh they screwed up. It was supposed to be Angie…Manilow, and Chris Manning, but they said Angie Manning. I was right after her.”

“Oh, that makes sense…I guess. That Angie Manilow was a looker. Hey, let me see your diploma to make sure they got it right.”

My heart started beating fast. How would I explain the name Audrey Manning on my diploma? He stood there smiling with outstretched hand, and I opened it up to show him. To my surprise it had my real birth name on there. Miss Samantha had taken care of that for me. I breathed a sigh of relief, and my father looked at it with pride.


  1. i like this story very much. i would like to see more stories like this one.

  2. I hate this story. Him going through all this precipitated under a load of false pretense. How could anyone regard this as anything other than an unmitigated catastrophe?