Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 27: A New Permission

After that, Brittany regularly required my services. Part of me was glad to please her, but another part was jealous that she got to achieve so much pleasure and I didn’t. Often now, she found excuses to come over to the house. When she thought her Aunt Samantha wasn’t looking, she’d sneak me off to a closet or bedroom and make me lick her to satisfaction.

I started to blur the lines between these moments and my release days. I would mouth the words that usually I only said in private.

“Brittany I want to please you. You are so beautiful. I’ll do anything for you.”

This seemed to really turn her on, and she’d grab handfuls of my hair and pull my face into her throbbing pussy.

One day, we got caught though. She was so horny she wanted me to do it right then and there in the kitchen. Although Miss Samantha was outside, in the moment we did not hear her come back inside. When we saw her, it was too late. She was standing over us watching everything.

“And what do we have going on here?”

Both of us guiltily scrambled to our feet. Brittany pulled up her panties and tried to explain.

“I’m sorry Aunt Samantha. We were just having a little fun and got carried away.”

“It’s okay honey. You’re a young girl; I understand. You need to be more careful though. What if I was your mother or Principal Pena? Then where would you be?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know you’re young, and this is going to happen. I want to see you here on Saturday night so we can discuss it further. Now go home, and I’ll see you Saturday night.”

Brittany was a little perturbed that she was missing Saturday night with the girls, but she was glad that her aunt did not say anything to her mother. She came over for dinner, and I prepared everything in the kitchen in my dress and apron.

“Wow, Audrey really knows her way around the kitchen,” said Brittany with genuine astonishment.

“I’ve been teaching her since she first got here.”

I set the table and served dinner.

“This is really good,” said Brittany eating my French onion soup, and my chest swelled with pride.

“She’s going to make someone a good wife someday,” said Miss Samantha, deflating my ego again, and Brittany giggled.

We dined and talked about school and other bland topics, but eventually Miss Samantha broached the subject of why we were all here.

“Now the reason I’ve asked you here is that I want to discuss what you two were doing in the kitchen this week.”

Brittany seemed a little guilty and said, “I’m so sorry Aunt Samantha. It won’t happen again.”

“Calm down, and you don’t have to lie to me. I just want to have a little discussion.”


“Now I know you’re going to do this. You’re teenagers. I’m just glad you’ve chosen to do it with Audrey. I’m assuming you know about the chastity tube?”

“Yes ma’am” she said reluctantly.

“The reason she’s wearing that is to help her make the right decisions, and I think it will help you make the right decisions too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Audrey is wearing that because if she were left to her own devices, she would probably touch herself about ten times a day. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

“Yes ma’am,” I was thoroughly embarrassed.

“And that’s not the way I want her to live her life. I want to guide her in the right direction, and that helps to guide her in the right direction. She’s hardly ever a bad girl anymore, are you?”

“No ma’am, I’m a good…girl.”

What did I just say? Brittany stifled a smile.

“You also need some direction. As a young lady, there are a lot of pitfalls you can fall into with sex.”

“Like what?”

“Pregnancy for one thing, diseases for another. You don’t know what a lot of these boys will do. You need to be careful, but with Audrey, I think you can be safe.”

“Really?” she seemed pleased.

“What you were doing the other day was fine. You weren’t risking yourself.”

“I’m glad you understand.”

“I have no problem with what you’re doing; just make sure you don’t get caught again.”

“Okay Aunt Samantha,” she was as happy as she could be.

“I have one more thing I want to share with you after dinner. We’ll wait for Audrey to clear the table and clean up.”

I was wondering what else she was going to say. I was glad to see Brittany, but I was anxious for her to leave. Tonight was my release night and I was aching for release. I had two transgressions the past two weeks, so it had been three weeks that I had gone without orgasm. I scrubbed that plates thinking about Brittany in her dress tonight. That was going to be part of my fantasy.

When I was done, Miss Samantha called me into the living room. I was shocked and embarrassed when she went in the closet and retrieved my pillow and panties. She placed them on the floor and told me to get ready.

“Miss Samantha…I…I can’t.”

“If you don’t want to, we can wait until next week.”

It had been three weeks, and I know she would make me wait until I caved. With a heavy heart, I took off my panties, folded them, and got to my knees.

“Brittany, I want you to sit in that chair right there.”

She tentatively did as asked, and watched with a perplexed curiosity and my hands were bound and I recited my oath.

Miss Samantha put the panties and bra on the pillow.

“Are those my panties?”

“Yes, you see Audrey has a little crush on you. I hope you don’t mind I borrowed them from your mother.”

“No, I guess not.”

“Audrey knows what to do from this point on. I’m going to give you this key. You see boys need release too, it’s just they need to be guided in the right direction. That’s what we’re doing here. When he has significantly pleased you, you may grant him release. Take the key, unlock him, and let him release. Is that something you can do?”

“I think so,” she didn’t seem too sure of the whole process.

I was a little slow to get started. I felt really bad humiliating myself in front of her like this. As the hormones kicked in, my embarrassment was swept aside. I kissed the panties; I licked them up and down. Brittany looked on with fascination and squirmed in her seat a little bit. She made me wait a lot longer than Miss Samantha did. At one point, I think she forgot, but with a prompt from Miss Samantha, Brittany said, “I grant your permission” and undid my lock. I humped away at the panties and lay back wondering what I had just done in front of the girl I loved. She seemed fascinated as if she were processing a lot of information in her head and didn’t say a word.

“This is how we help guide her toward being a good girl.”

“Interesting” she said, and I did not know what that meant.

“Since you two are intimate now, I was thinking that you might want to keep the key now, and you could start supervising Audrey’s releases.”

“That might be fun,” I could see the wheels turning in her head.

“Now she’ll have to please you for the week, and earn her release. I usually allow her once a week if she’s good, but since you have the key, it’s really up to you now.”

“Okay,” she seemed like she was starting to like this idea.

“If she doesn’t do as you ask, then she does not get release. This is how you can help guide her toward your satisfaction.”

“That sounds great Aunt Samantha, thank you!” she gave her aunt a hug, and her aunt put the key around a chain and gave it to Brittany.

I was conflicted at this turn of events. I would now be under the control of the girl I liked, but how would she treat me? The look of wild anticipation in her eyes scared me a little bit. It was the hungry look of power.

“Now let’s get this chastity tube back on you,”

She attached the tube and with the click of a lock, I was now under her control.

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