Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 5: New Dress

The next day, when I awoke, I was ashamed to see myself in the nightie. I had forgotten about it in my sleep, but I was instantly reminded of what had transpired the night before. Quickly I took it off everything as if it repulsed me, but I soon discovered that I had no clothes to wear. All my clothes were missing. Wrapping myself in a sheet, I went downstairs and demanded that my clothes be returned.

“Where are your panties?”

“I’m not wearing those anymore.”

“Remember when you promised to wear the panties all day today?”

“Well…I don’t think I want to.”

“Oh you’re not?” just her glance made my sore ass sting again.

“Let me show you something.”

She opened her computer and showed me a video of me playing with the panties and putting the panties on. She had been recording me in the room the whole time!

“You…you can’t do that!”

“It’s part of the house rules and it’s in the contract your mother signed. Now unless you want your parents to see this video when they come, I suggest you be good from now on. You’re going to do whatever I say. Now, go back upstairs and put your panties on.”

There was nothing I could do. I went back upstairs and did as I was ordered. I was mortified that I had no other choice than to wear frilly panties for the rest of the day. Miss Samantha came up to check on me.

“Good, your panties look pretty. Now let’s get you in a nice dress and you can begin cleaning.”

That made me cringe. There was never any agreement about a dress.

She went over to the closet and pulled out a short pink girly dress with lots of satin and ruffles and bows.

“But…you never said anything about a dress.”

“I didn’t. But I started thinking that because you were so disrespectful a few minutes ago, you are going to wear this along with your panties while you clean today. Maybe this will help you learn some respect.”

“There’s…there’s no way…”

“Stall all you want. Your parents are coming at noon, and you must wear this dress while doing your chores. It’s really up to you, but your parents are coming soon…”

There’s really nothing I could do. I knew the consequences of disobeying her. Until I could get a hold of that video file, I needed to play along with her game.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll wear the dress.”

“Now let’s get you some proper undergarments. Let’s see, you’ll need a camisole…” she went to the drawers and pulled out a silk camisole with a tiny pink bow at the neck, “Hold up your arms,” she said and the silk cascaded down my chest making me feel weird.

I looked at the tiny straps with lace which touched my shoulders. It looked so strange and dainty. Next I was fitted with a petticoat. It was soft but firm and had many layers of ruffles flowing from my waist. This was the girliest thing I had ever seen. I looked like a ballerina. Finally the silky, pink dress was slipped over my head. It looked like something made for a princess. When she had finished tugging it down in place, she zipped me up from the back. I suddenly realized that I would need her help to get out of this outfit; I couldn’t get out of it myself. In the mirror I saw myself and was shocked. It was my face, but everything else looked like the girls at school when I had seen them at birthday parties. Immediately I knew I wanted to follow her orders so I could get out of this outfit.

I was led to kitchen and told to clean. Everything needed to be spotless before my parents arrived. I had three hours - I never wanted to clean more in my whole life.

“Now don’t get your dress dirty, and don’t get all sweaty, it’s not very lady-like”

I set about cleaning – I wanted to get this done – but every now and then I’d feel my petticoat bump into something or feel a breeze against my panties, and I would stop and ponder it for a second. It felt kind of…different, but I’d quickly push that thought out of my head because it was bad.

When I was all finished, I asked Miss Samantha to inspect my work.

“A young lady must curtsey when she asks,” and I was instructed how to do this, and did it to her satisfaction. Time was ticking.

“Yes it all looks good except for that spot on the floor.”

I was instructed to scrub a few stains by the stove. As I did I heard some giggling and looked around to see a young girl around my age looking at me with a smile.

“Nice panties,” she said.

I turned beet red and felt the urge to flee. Who was this strange girl? Just then Miss Samantha came in the kitchen to explain.

“Oh I see you’ve met my niece Tabitha,” stunned for words, I just stood there silently, until Miss Samantha said, “Why don’t you curtsey for the young lady?” still in shock, I just did as she asked, “He’s my new pupil. He likes to wear panties and dresses, don’t you Chris?”

Time was ticking until my parents came. I needed to end this.


“Interesting,” said Tabitha, and she snapped a picture of me with her cell phone.

“Hey!” I lunged for her phone, but was quickly reprimanded my Miss Samantha.

“That’s not very ladylike. Now Tabitha, he’s a little shy about his secret, so don’t show that to anyone for now,” I felt relieved, “but since you know his secret now, maybe you can come over and teach him more about being a young lady one of these days?”

What was she talking about?

“Now Chris, run upstairs and take a bath before your parents get here. I’ll be up to help you in a second.”

I rushed upstairs and wondered what was taking her so long. My parents would be her any second. Finally, I heard her footsteps as she came up the stairs, and was excited to be released from my dress.

“Oh, these are so dirty. Let’s get these in the hamper and I’ll show you how to clean your panties and camisole tonight.”

She kept using the word “your”, and it irritated me.

I got in the bath, and she scrubbed me clean, dried me with a towel, and covered me with some sweet smelling powder. When we went in the bedroom, there on the bed was a new pair of panties. They were pink with an abundance of ruffles all the way around.

“But you said after I cleaned up…”

“I said you were going to wear panties last night and today. This is still today isn’t it?”

“But that’s not fair. I’m not wearing these in front of my parents.”

“Well, you can secretly wear these under your pants while you visit with your parents, or I can publically show them what you like to do with my little video.”

“But I don’t like to wear them!” she just stared at me, and I knew I had a decision to make. Time was ticking away, and through the window I could see a car pulling up, “Fine!” I yelled and slid the new panties up my legs, putting my boys’ clothes over the top. The panties gave my pants a strange puff, but I didn’t have time to think, and went downstairs led by Miss Samantha’s hand.

Tabitha had answered the door, and my parents were just coming in the house as I descended the stairs. They were glad to see me, and they commented on how good my behavior was that day. The truth was I was constantly thinking about the panties, and was scared that they would find out. When asked about Miss Samantha, I saw her look into my eyes, and I only said the nicest things about her.

“So do you like it here?”


“And are you learning a lot?”


I saw a brief smile on her face and the anger rose up inside me. I flashed her look, and she responded, “I think he knows that I will take his pants down right here and spank him in front of you if he misbehaves…”, and I was immediately put in my place. My parents saw how much control she had over me and were amazed.

They talked a while and had some tea. Of course I was made to serve it and take it away.

“I will say Miss Summers, you must be doing something right. He would never do this at home.”

Satisfied that I was doing well and learning to improve my behavior, my parents prepared to leave. My mom gave me hug before she left. As she patted me, her hand felt the springiness of the ruffled panties, and I could see a puzzled look on her face.

“You look like you’re doing okay, so we’re going to go now honey. You do what Miss Samantha tells you to do.”

As the car left, I felt like I was being left behind in a place I did not understand. I wanted to scream and beg for them to take me back, but I knew it would do no good. I was stuck here and I didn’t know what to do about it. It was a helpless feeling.


  1. I love this story, I can't wait to do this to my panty- waisted boyfriend, who will be wearing, feminine panties very soon?" Plus the waxing also!" Kaley C.