Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 9: Shopping

The store wasn’t very crowded, but I was led through there still wearing Brittany’s dress. My short hair probably gave me away, but I suppose to the casual observer, I could have passed for a girl – at least I hoped I did. Miss Samantha led me to the girls’ department and explained that we were here to find clothes for me.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve decided that you will stay in dresses until you’ve learned your lesson.”

“But I don’t want to wear dresses.”

“Then why were you wearing Brittany’s panties”

“I wasn’t.”

“You are lying! You just admitted an hour ago that you were in her panty drawer.”

“I wasn’t in her panty drawer.”

“Well either you’re lying about being in there or you’re lying about not being in there. Either way, you’re lying.”

“But they made me…”

“It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it? You never take responsibility for your actions. I saw you trying on those panties at my house. Am I lying?”

“No…it’s just…” I was defeated and tired of arguing. It was a losing battle.

“Because you continue to lie, and refuse to accept responsibility, I’m going to make you wear dresses for the rest of this week. Maybe as a girl you’ll learn to behave.”

“A week as a girl? But…I’m not a girl.”

“That’s what you are going to be for the rest of this week. Maybe this will finally satisfy your curiosity about girls’ underwear. Now quit stalling, and let’s pick some underwear and dresses for you. Oh, and you’ll also need an outfit for Brittany’s slumber party.”

I was led by the hand to a rack of panties and asked which ones I wanted.

“I don’t want any of them. I don’t know, just pick some,“ I huffed.

Miss Samantha said, “Fine,” and pulled me by the hand to the section with the frilliest panties there were, abundant with silk and bow, and lace, and ruffles.

“Let’s see, this is cute, and I know you like pink….” She held up all the panties and slips in front of me, then piled each item in my hand.

“Can’t I get something a little simpler?” I pleaded.

“Remember, you wanted me to pick them. You’re going to look so cute for Brittany’s slumber party in your ruffled panties.”

When it was time to bring some of our purchases to the sales counter, Miss Samantha had an excruciatingly long talk with the sales clerk about my size and daily needs.

“…so he needs outfits for every day, and of course some undies to match. Do you think this training bra will fit him?”

The sales lady didn’t seem to show much awkwardness at the situation, and went about her business in a professional manner. She smiled and touched my shoulder.

“Honey, I need you to step in the dressing room and take off your dress.”

I was glad to be out of the public eye, but I did not realize what was to come. I waited patiently in my bra and panties while the two ladies talked for several minutes. Soon the sales lady came in and measured me with a tape.

“He needs a size 6 for a training bra. Those panties, however, are generally for really young girls, so he’s probably wear a large in young girl panty size so that could fit him. Let’s have him try on a few pair on just to make sure.”

They put me in a changing room and several panties and bras were given to me. The first set was white satin with thick lace around the leg bands, and rows of lace across the bottom. The training bra had thin straps and little touches of lace around it. I peeked out the door and Miss Samantha pulled me out by my wrist.

“Come on, quit playing around.”

I was placed in front of three mirrors, and the women talked about the specifics of my fitting.

“Okay, I think that fits perfectly,” she guided her finger over the contours of my bra, “See how it cups his chest; it’ll give him room to grow into over the next few months. The panties,” she patted my ruffled behind and tugged at the elastic on my legs, “are so cute! They cover his buttocks completely, which is what you want in a pair of panties like this, and would go especially well with a shorter dress. With panties like this, you want to show off a bit of the ruffles to the world.”

I blushed at the words, and was ushered back into the changing room. This time I was given a white silk pair of pettipants with thick lace at the legs and a bra that matched it with a band of lace at the bottom. The silk did feel nice, but I didn’t want to be in this store anymore.

“The pettipants and bra would be something worn for more for a dressy occasion. He could wear the pettipants with a skirt, and wouldn’t have to wear a slip. Oh, there’s a camisole that would go great with this,” and she hurried across the sales floor to procure it.

As I was waiting, a girl and her mother walked by the room.

“Mommy, why is that boy wearing panties?” I flipped around and looked, and hoped she would go away, but she kept staring me like I was a freak, so I tried covering myself up with my hands.

Miss Samantha saw me and told me to put my hands down, “Go ahead and show her your new panties, “and talking to the little girl added, “Some little boys really likes wearing panties. We caught him wearing a pair of my niece’s panties today, so we decided to get him a pair of his own, so he wouldn’t stretch hers out.”

The mother showed a perplexed look, but the little girl kept staring and trying to process the information for what seemed like an hour. Finally, she said, “I like your panties,” and smiled and gave a warm laugh.

The sales lady came back with the camisole.

“This is from our Precious Princess line. It’s very pretty and soft.”

I looked over at the girl, who was giggling as they slipped the camisole over my head.

“See isn’t that adorable,” Miss Samantha and the sales lady admired their handiwork.

“Come on honey, let’s go,” the mother tugged at her daughter who reluctantly was pulled away, but kept trying to get a glimpse at me as she was going.

Since they had all the underwear I needed, it was time to try on the several dresses Miss Samantha picked out.

“This one’s very much for a little girl,” and I was put in a little girl’s party dress. It was baby blue, and barely covered my panties. It was satin and lace, and required a petticoat. The sleeves were puffy, and a white ribbon went around the waist.

They picked several other little girls’ dresses. The pink one was very short and had some had a lot more ruffles. I could barely keep my arms at my waist. For that dress, I had matching ruffled panties and a thin, pink bra, ruffled ankle socks and some patent leather Mary Janes.

The white one was a little less extravagant. It was cotton with thick shoulder straps and had a longer skirt, and a bow that tied high around my waist in the back. I got some matching knee socks, stockings, and pink shoes to go with it.

The sundress was floral and light. It was white and had pink straps that tied at the shoulder.

“You can wear this when I don’t want you to get your other dresses dirty.”

It was paired with my panties.

My head spun with the amount of clothes I went through. After a while, I just stood back and accepted it.

My final outfit was a pink satin dress, covered in chiffon, and adorned with white bows and trim. It too was short and required a petticoat. I was given a pair of white voluminous satin panties that gathered at the legs.

“Those panties are a little big because usually they need to puff out for a diaper, which we won’t need in this case.”

“Could we try it with a diaper?” Miss Samantha seemed intrigued.

“If that’s what you like,” said the sales lady a little perplexed, yet amused.

I felt myself glide away to another realm, as she returned holding the large diaper.

“We just happened to have one from the other day.”

I was laid back and diapered right there on the floor. The plastic tabs were pulled firm, and my panties were hoisted.

“Oh my gosh, doesn’t that look darling!”

I looked back in the mirror, and my panties bulged with the diaper beneath. Since the dress was so short, it was very noticeable.

There was also a small matching purse, and I was encouraged to hold it to help complete the outfit. As they were looking at me approvingly, Miss Samantha realized that she had forgotten something.

“Oh, we almost forgot about the nightie! Chris, go pick a nightie for your big slumber party next week.”

In my diaper and pink dress I waddled over towards the nightie section. My diaper crinkled as I walked.

“Chris, look in the Precious Princess section!” she called after me.

I looked at that rack, and everything was very feminine. Instead of fighting it anymore, I grabbed what I knew she wanted, because I didn’t want to spend any more time in this store. I got pretty, pink nightie with lot of ribbons, some matching panties and a pair of fuzzy slippers, and returned to the ladies.

“Oh, look at this, his first girly purchase! I think you did very well honey. Oh and the matching panties and slippers.”

Both ladies smiled at me in approval.

I smiled back because I wanted to leave the store and head for home.

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