Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 21: School Girl

School got better as it went along. I did have one difficulty, and that was changing for gym. Miss Samantha told me that I looked no different than the other girls in my underwear, but I needed to make sure I pulled my panties up really tightly, so I wouldn’t have a bulge.

“If they see that, they’ll be suspicious,” she said, “Just make sure your panties are pulled up really tightly. See, no bulge,” I looked down and my thing was gone.

The first day of gym, I was scared to take off my clothes.

“Don’t worry,” said Vanessa, “It’s just us girls here. I was nervous changing in front of everyone at first too, but you get used to it.”

Slowly I took off my dress. When I was in my panties and camisole, I could see a lot of eyes on me. Did they know?

“I guess she’s not a fattie,” said one of the girls.

“See, she’s nice and trim. I told you,” said Vanessa.

I realized that they were looking at my arms and stomach, not at my privates. I felt a little pride that they liked my slim body. I quickly changed into my uniform and went out to gym.

Girls’ gym was a lot different. They didn’t run very fast, they just jogged at a leisurely pace. The score of the game didn’t seem to matter either. It was just a vehicle to make friends and talk about movies and boys. I was actually glad that Miss Samantha made me watch some of those movies and TV shows, because I had something to talk with the other girls about. When it came to boys, I just said they were icky.

“Come on, if Johnny Lewis came over and asked you to kiss, you’d say ‘no’?”

“Yes, eew I don’t want to kiss him.”

“Well I would, and we’d get married and buy a brand new house…”

I didn’t think I would make it through a whole year of this.

The only other difficulty I found was that Brittany also attended this school. She was a year older than me, so I didn’t see her much, but she happened to see me in the hall one day.

“Don’t I know you?”

“No,” I tried to get away.

“I swear I do.”

“You must be mistaken.”

“You’re the new girl.”

“Hi, my name’s Audrey.”

“Audrey, Audrey. I guess I don’t know you. You look so familiar though.”

“Well it was nice meeting you…”

As I tried to get by, I thought I had made it, until I saw her face light up. She grabbed me and pulled me in the nearby restroom.

Once inside and we were alone, she exclaimed, “You’re that kid!”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’re Aunt Samantha’s pupil from last year.”

“No I’m…”

“Oh my god. You’re attending school as a girl? You look…amazing. I mean, I couldn’t tell, and I’ve met you before,” she looked me up and down, “You look just like a girl. Your hair, your ears are pierced. Oh my god.”

“Please don’t tell anyone else.”

“I don’t know…”


“Relax, I won’t blow your little secret. Besides, Aunt Samantha would probably kill me if I got you kicked out of here…Look at you,” her eyes went up and down. She was fascinated.

“Thank you Brittany, thank you so much…”

For whatever reason, she pressed me up against the wall and planted a kiss on me. That was the first kiss I ever had, and it threw me for a loop. Our lips touched, but my books held to my chest came between us. When the bathroom door started to open with some girls entering, Brittany pulled back from me and smiled.

“I’m going to tell Aunt Samantha I want you to come over and play sometime since you’re back in town.”

I guess I had another friend.

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