Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 10: Diapered for Bed

Miss Samantha like the idea of diapers now, and bought a box of diapers for me on the way home. I was put in a diaper for bed, and wore it all the next day. I did not like the puffiness between my legs or the fact that it crinkled each time I moved. I attempted to fight her once on it, but a quick spanking had me choose the diaper.

I was dressed in a diaper for Brittany’s slumber party too much to my dismay. I was in my shortest dress with a diaper under my panties. I did not want to get out of the car.

“If you disobey me now, I will take your panties down in front of all those girls and give you a good spanking. And if I hear that you’ve done one thing to ruin that girl’s party, you’re really going to get it. Now march in there and have fun.”

I reluctantly waddled into the house to all the girls’ delight. Miss Samantha gave her sister an overnight bag with my nightgown, slippers, and a change of diapers.

Brittany was excited to see that I had come.

“Well if it isn’t the little panty thief.”

“Now Brittany,” scolded her mother, “he’s been punished for that. Why don’t you be a good hostess and introduce him to your little friends.”

I went around, and she introduced me to everyone, telling them that I was a boy who wore dresses. I was very self conscious about my panties showing, and held the back of my dress down. Most girls were confused and maybe a little curious. Others looked at me as if I were something dangerous. That made me feel the worst.

When it was time to go in the basement to play, we all changed into our nightgowns. I gingerly tried to sit in mine, but my diaper crinkled when I sat.

“What was that noise?” Brittany sensed that something was amiss.

“He made it,” one girl pointed at me accusingly.

“Okay,” said Brittany, “what was that? And why are your panties so puffy?”

“What was what?”

“Quit playing games.”

I unconsciously pulled my legs toward my body and pulled at the hem of my nightgown.

“What are you hiding?”


As if there were no such thing as personal space, Brittany put her hand up my nightgown and touched my diaper making it crinkle.

“Oh my god, you’re wearing a diaper!”

All the girls’ eyes were drawn to me.

“Am not!”

“I can feel it right here. Look!”

All the girls were interested now and started giggling.

“So on top of wearing panties, you also wet your pants?”

“No. It’s part of the stupid punishment because you got me in trouble. Now I have to wear diapers.”

“And it’s not because you wet your pants?”

“No, I swear.”

“Well, I’m not going to argue, but I think you still wet your pants. I guess we’ll see.”

We played a few games, and the girls talked girl talk about which character from the story they were all reading was the cutest. I wasn’t interested so they tried to include me.

“Which one of them do you like the best Chris?”

“None of them. I’m a boy, remember?”

“You keep saying that sweetie,” said the girl with the blue nightgown, and they were all laughing.

After gossip time, they broke out the makeup and started putting it on each other. After everyone was done, I was the only fresh face there, and they all wanted a shot. It was my first makeover. They put eye shadow and lip-gloss on me and styled my hair with barrettes. They showed me my face in a mirror and I couldn’t believe it. Why was I here? Why did Brittany and Miss Samantha insist on making me into a girl? I touched the barrettes on my head.

“Don’t touch it. You’ll mess it up,” Brittany warned me and my hand immediately went down to my side.

Next, it was time for a movie. As I lay on the couch, Brittany kept patting the puffiness of my diaper.

“Quit it!” I said annoyed.

“Are you sure you don’t wet the bed?”

“Yes, now leave me alone, I want to watch this.”

Brittany and her friends didn’t seem to care about the movie, but I wanted to see how it ended. I saw them whispering, but as long as they left me alone I didn’t care.

“I’m going to get some soda,” said Brittany’s friend Allison, “Anybody else want one? Chris?”

“Yeah sure, thanks,” this was the first time someone had been nice to me all night.

I seemed to be offered a lot of beverages during the movie. When it was almost over, Brittany’s mom came down and told us we had to go to bed when the movie was over. When her mom went back upstairs, Brittany and Allison called me over to a pole in the basement.

“We’re going to put these friendship bracelets on you,”

“Hurry up, I have to go to the bathroom.”

They tied two ribbons around my wrists, showing them to me. It didn’t look like anything special.

“Don’t they look nice?”


“Okay, now we’re going to see who’s the tallest. Stand up against the pole and we’ll measure you.”

Brittany gave a signal, and all the girls grabbed me and pushed me against the pole. Others, from behind, pulled at my arms and started tying my “bracelets” together. The next thing I knew, I was tied to the pole. I tried yanking my arms, but I was tied tightly.

“Come on Brittany, this isn’t funny.”

“It depends on how you look at it. I think it’s hilarious. Now, let’s see those panties.”

Brittany pulled up my nightgown and I started to yell. I wasn’t going to let her get away with this again. Startled, she took off her socks and shoved them in my mouth, holding them in place.

“Get something to keep these in his mouth!” she yelled and one of the girls took another ribbon and tied it around my head, holding the socks in my mouth.

My cries were muffled and I could taste her smelly feet. That was the least of my problems, because she started pulling down my panties to reveal my diaper.

“Oh my god, there’s his diaper!”

All the girls gathered ‘round and stared.

“Girls, that’s enough playing around,” Samantha’s mom called downstairs, “I know that movie is over with. Turn out the lights and go to bed.”

“Okay Mom,” and to me she added, “Sleep tight little baby,” and she turned off the light leaving me tied up in the dark in my diaper, and needing to go to the bathroom badly.


  1. Listen, I've been the victim of bullying. The bullies were never particularly smart only mean. But it seems every time someone concocts one of these stories they attempt to portray the bully girl as smart. She isn't she's just damn mean. I would conclude from these stories that in the authors thinking (that is any author who publishes one of these stories) that girls are mean. But it has been my experience that most girls are not mean. At worst most girls are indifferent.

    1. I too was trapped, by a bunch of pretty girls,some were tricky and mean, very clever too!" It started when my buddy and myself were invited too our girlfriends house after Xmas. We didn't know they had there girlfriends there?" She told me to wear my purple fishnet vest with a nice shirt,( setup )!" It was kind of girlie too, Her friend wanted too wear the vest, I was afraid it would smell girly after she ware it?" I gave in she, put it on, looked quite pretty to. Later on she said, not giving it back!" Unless I do one out of three things for them,?" put makeup on me, do things to my hair, also wear girl's clothes? I decided too wear the clothes, they stripped me naked, handed me the underwear, pantyhose, bra, n frilly blouse, n skirt was very, very short too. They laughed at me and teased me too!" Would not give back my stuff, too me out in public!" more teasing I was freezing too it was very cold outside wearing Mary janes shoes.

    2. That poor guy put though, being tricked, and forced too dress up as a girl!" what happen to his buddy?" Escaped, being feminize,by clever girls at work!" "haa, haa," My story is someone I know, who also forced feminize her out of control stepson, took out on a camping trip in the mountains packed only female clothes, and things for later on at the lodge resort surrounded by the cascading mountains, quite cold too. Her plan was too get his clothes dirty, muddy, wet etc. Then finally they would have to come off!" " sweet" She kept him naked for a long, long time in the tent. No boys clothes at all!" She put him in a baby doll nightie, played with his long hair into a girlie kind of style, forced to go sit by the campfire, people being there too. Thinking it's her daughter!" more next time? Renee Z.